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The Youth Launch is here to kickstart your dreams of ownership. We’re here to help improve racial and ethnic representation in entrepreneurship by providing access to:

Non dilutive crowdfunding





the next generation of diverse entrepreneurs
Here to help the next generation

Fund your great, big ideas

Many of you are interested in entrepreneurship and believe you have the ability to start your own businesses*
Want to be your own boss
Have an invention that'll change the world
Aren’t afraid to take risks, despite failure


We’re a digitally native crowdfunding platform on a mission to help young, underrepresented entrepreneurs access the fundamentals needed to start and grow a business.

More funding, mentorship, education and access to market for established and aspiring entrepreneurs under 21. 

A win-win for you

Strategic partners

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Our friends at the Young & Gifted Kidpreneur work with students K-12 to pinpoint their
interest and develop their business; sparking a growth mindset.

Together #YGKidpreneur and TYL partner on Demo Day and Youth Launch Week.

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Together we can bring more creativity into the world