Crowdfunding For Young, Diverse Entrepreneurs

November 30, 2020

Propelling the next generation of diverse entrepreneurs

Although labels aren't preferred, the next wave of entrepreneurial brilliance will come from you Generation Z. Digitally native, debt averse and calculated risk takers with an overwhelming interest in being your own boss. You're America's largest generation, you're powerful! And nearly half of you are racial and ethnic minorities. Despite your size, youth, diversity and entrepreneurship, you'll face systemic challenges in trying to access to the three fundamentals needed to start and grow a successful business:

    1. Education and business management skills
    2. Access to funding
    3. Access to potential sales markets
To fill that void, The Youth Launch is here to kickstart your dreams of ownership through non dilutive crowdfunding, education and mentorship.

Be a resource to the next generation of diverse entrepreneurs: