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CM&C || Where we Accomplish the Biggest Things

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Chy’Ah MauRae & Company is a Brand Development & Marketing Company where businesses can come to fulfill majority of their businesses needs. Chy’Ah MauRae and Co. is your one stop shop for graphic design, website design, customer service management, printing services, and so much more!

The problem businesses face today is not knowing where to find the resources to improve their businesses or not being able to afford the cost. Here we believe no business should go without matter the project big or small , we work to get you what you need on your budget!

I started this business after my summer 2019 internship where i worked as a public relations intern for an online thrift store! I absolutely loved my experience and after seeing my peers struggling to better their new businesses in 2020, I decided to put my branding knowledge to use! What started as a side hustle, and a way to help my peers quickly grew and my talent was getting huge recognition. And I decided to build an entire brand with nothing but my mom’s desktop computer, paper, pencil, and faith leading the way.

Chy’Ah MauRae and Company’s mission is to give back to the business community and provide a helping hand where one may be shorted. We’ve helped businesses launch new products, accumulate over $10,000 a month in sales, find their brands purpose, and build a strong drive in wanting to further their business journeys. 

A preview of my work for past clients:

This is a safe haven for any business to accomplish their wildest dreams!And tell me where else can you find a TEENAGE black owned brand development company in the city of Detroit? That’s what makes us unique! Our goal is to expand our services to reach a wider audience and provide more of want our clients need.

But, to do this we’ll need your help!  With this funding of $3,000 we’ll be able to purchase a laptop of our own, a printer to aide in fulfilling orders, I’ll be able to further my business education and pay for a graphic design and business course, software to improve the quality of my graphic design, and other tools to boost my creativity and what I can truly provide.

Chy’Ah MauRae & Co. will launch on February 8th of 2021! Chy’Ah MauRae & Company is the next big thing for brand development services.

We’ve been referred by different varieties of businesses all over the state of Michigan for our amazing professionalism, customer service, graphic design, business cards, advertising, and the countless other services we have to offer, and we hope to be apart of your business  journey as well!


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  1. Torri Williams (verified owner)

    Chy’Ah Maurae & Company is very professional and is always to able to accompany my needs. The mission behind this business is great!

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