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Help me empower girls around the world to stay connected with their family and friends year round.

Georgia, United States (US)

The Girls Do Everything™

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Hi! My name is Zoe, I’m 7 years old and I’m the owner of The Girls Do Everything. An inclusive paper & gifts company, for girls, by girls. My vision for The Girls Do Everything™ is to encourage girls to be happy, brave, and to have fun. Our mission is to inspire and connect girls all over the world to do anything they put their minds to.

We have all been affected by the coronavirus. For me, a second grader, it means I can’t connect with my family or friends. I miss my cousins so much that I put together the Cousin Crew Collection, as my first collection for my company when it launched November 23, 2020.

But, I want to do more to connect you with your girls! In 2021 I’m launching Girl-Connect. Girl-Connect is a subscription box to stay connected with your girls. The box will have paper, envelopes, pencils, stickers and other supplies to send personal messages and stay connected with your girls. Girls will have the chance  to receive a variety of designed materials 4 times each year.

We will begin with 100 boxes and to reach that goal, I’m raising $1,560. Here’s how your grant to Girl-Connect will help:
The fantastic box that will hold all supplies $335.00
Customized printed notepads $415.00
Customized Sticker Sheets $200.00
Customized Pencil $130.00
Customized Pen $180.00
Customized Washi Tape $100.00
Admin & Transport Cost $200.00
Total $1560.00


The first 40 backers, that grant $25 or more, will get this limited edition poster:

And don’t forget to:
  1. Support my goal of reaching $1560
  2. Grab a pencil, paper & envelope and write letters to your friends & family!
  3. Follow me on Instagram at @TheGirlsDoEverything
And remember we were created limitless, keep it that way! Thank you!


$25.00 or more

Every girls deserves this 11″ × 17″ poster, donate and get it for yourself or a special girl in your life.

February, 2021
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2 reviews for The Girls Do Everything™

  1. Jodie Mitchell (verified owner)

    Zoe I think your mission to empower girl to stay connected is an outstanding goal. I wish you much success. Love Granna

  2. Craig Mitchell (verified owner)

    Zoë, I love the energy that you’ve put into this campaign and your entrepreneurial goals. Keep up the good work. Daddy loves you!

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